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Seven New Deadly Sins

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Seven New Deadly Sins Empty Seven New Deadly Sins

Post  MooKoo on Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:53 am

I was cool with Catholics, but this is getting close to ridiculous. For those of you who don't know, the Catholic Church has released seven new deadly sins. These are social sins, not personal like the original seven deadly sins. The new sins are as follows:

Pollution, Obscenely Rich, Pedophilia, Genetic Engineering, Abortion, and taking drugs.

Obscenely rich? This is the one I have the biggest problem with. Look at people like Oprah, is she not obscenely rich, yet is she not also helping people left and right? Now look at the big crime lords in places like New York. Are they not obscenely rich? Yet they're out killing people and selling illegal drugs. Yet, both are going to suffer eternal damnation of the soul?

This the main problem I have with these, the topics are so broad its not even possible to astern what is right and wrong anymore! Taking drugs, does this include pain medications for say a headache, or sinus medication for maybe a cold? Abortion, I'm cool with that one, it is wrong. Genetic Engineering, look at how many lives it has saved. As long as they leave the fetuses alone, what's wrong with it? Pedophilia, I guess quite a few of their Priests are in big trouble. Pollution, well heck, some would say that we shouldn't drive our vehicles anymore.

I don't know, it just seems to me that the Catholic church is trying to get into the headlines.

Whatever happened to the plain and simple truths?

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Seven New Deadly Sins Empty Re: Seven New Deadly Sins

Post  STupendous on Thu Mar 13, 2008 9:31 am

Wow. That's really strange.

The Bible says that being rich isn't wrong; it's just when you begin to place your trust in your money rather than God that you go wrong. I guess I could see how Catholics could say that being rich is wrong, since they put so much weight on giving alms and stuff. I mean...even the pope is extremely rich. And yet supposedly, he can't sin or something like that.

I agree with abortion; that is wrong, but I don't really think it's one of THE MOST important sins. Pollution? :suspect: Genetic engineering?

This is kind of ridiculous.

Seven New Deadly Sins Wa1

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